How to Become a Security Guard in South Africa

In South Africa, security guards are like real-life superheroes.

They watch over places, make sure people are safe, and step in when trouble shows up.

But, just like how superheroes train for their big moments, security guards need special training too.

How to become a security guard in South Africa.

Climbing the Training Steps: From E to A

Training to be a security guard is like going up a ladder.

Each step or grade teaches you more about how to be the best guard:

  • Grade E: This is the first step.
    • In 7 days, you’ll learn the basics. Imagine it as the foundation of a house. You’ll get to know things like how to communicate with people, walk around in a way that makes you see everything, and how to stay safe while you’re at work.
  • Grade D: As you move to step two, things get a bit more exciting.
    • After another 7 days, you start getting into the real action. You’ll learn about those cool security cameras you see everywhere, how to jot down important stuff, and even techniques on checking people and bags without being rude.
  • Grade C: On this third step, lasting 21 days, you’ll uncover even more secrets.
    • Ever heard alarms ringing when something’s wrong? You’ll learn about those, the tech gadgets guards use, and what to do if someone needs first aid.
  • Grade B: The fourth step is a big leap!
    • After 28 days, you’ll be ready to lead. It’s like being a team captain. You’ll dive deeper into how to handle tough situations, guide other guards, and always be one step ahead of any problems.
  • Grade A: The final and top step!
    • In 35 days, you’ll be prepared for the biggest tasks. From understanding risks to knowing all the important laws, you’ll be the guard everyone looks up to.

Understanding the Cost

Being the best requires some investment.

Training can cost between R1,000 and R5,000, based on which grade you choose. But don’t stress!

Some places understand that paying everything at once can be hard.

So they let you pay part by part. It’s like buying a clothes on an account; sometimes, you save up or use small amounts from your pay, and buy it bit by bit.

Grade B

Grade B isn’t just another step.

It’s where you learn some of the coolest things about being a guard.

Spotting things that are out of place, understanding all the rules, and even practicing how to help when there’s a fire or when someone gets lost.

The Golden Stamp: PSIRA

There’s a special stamp every guard needs on their training certificate – the PSIRA stamp.

It’s a big deal because it shows that your training is top-notch.

It’s like the gold star you get on a test. Always make sure your training has this golden stamp!

Searching for the Perfect School

Choosing the right place to learn is super important.

Imagine picking out a soccer boot; you’d want the best fit, right?

Here’s how to make sure you pick the perfect school:

  • Online Chats: The internet can be a great friend. Look at what others are saying about the school.
  • Chat with Graduates: Some schools let you chat with those who have finished their training. This way, you get real stories.
  • See It to Believe It: Before joining, visit the school. It’s like trying chicken flavours from a menu before picking your favourite!
  • Teachers Matter: Great teachers make learning fun and easy. Find out who they are.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Make sure you get to practice being a guard, not just listen about it.
  • First Job Help: A good school will guide you even after you finish, helping you find your first job.

Final Thoughts

There you have all the information you need on how to become a security guard in South Africa.

So, are you ready to be the next superhero guard in South Africa?

Remember, it’s not just about wearing a uniform. It’s about being ready, trained, and always there to help.

With the right training, you’ll be all set to start your adventure and keep South Africa safe and sound!


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