Security Accessories

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Comprehensive Guide to Security Guard Accessories in South Africa

Security guards in South Africa require a range of tools and accessories to perform their duties effectively.

These accessories enhance their ability to maintain safety and order, providing them with the means to handle various situations that may arise during their shifts.

Below, we have detailed the essential security accessories and their significance in a security guard’s role, especially within the diverse operational environments in South Africa.

Essential Security Accessories and Their Uses

Protective Gear

Armour Plates

These are high-strength plates inserted into vests, critical in high-risk areas for protection against bullets and sharp objects.

They provide a crucial layer of defense for security personnel facing dangerous situations.

Combat Armour

This refers to protective gear worn during high-risk situations, such as riots or armed engagements.

It’s essential for security personnel to wear this during escalated conflicts to protect themselves from severe injuries.

Concealed Under/Overvest & Ballistic Body Vest

These vests are wearable protective gears against projectiles and stabbings, shielding vital body parts from life-threatening injuries.

They are indispensable in scenarios where there is a high risk of gunfire or knife attacks.

General Purpose Vest & Rapid Response Vest

These vests come with storage for essential tools, enabling quick access to equipment and supplies, thus ensuring that security personnel are always prepared.

Ballistic Briefs

These provide protection for the lower torso, guarding against injuries from firearms.

They are essential for complete body protection.

Knee Protectors & Elbow Pads

These are protective gears for limbs, minimizing injury risk during physical altercations or falls.

They provide additional safety for the security personnel’s knees and elbows, which are vulnerable during confrontations.

Anti-Riot Shields

These shields are essential in crowd control situations, providing protection against projectiles and physical attacks during protests and large, aggressive groups.

Ballistic Helmets & Shields

These offer vital protection against ballistic threats, protecting the head from bullets and other projectile weapons.

Canine Vests

These vests ensure the safety of canine units during operations, protecting them from attacks and injuries as they perform their duties alongside security personnel.

Identification and Authority


Symbols representing authority and company affiliation, these establish the security personnel’s authority and aid in their identification, making them recognizable to the public and other officials.

Control and Defense Tools


These are non-lethal weapons for self-defense and control, useful in subduing aggressors without causing permanent harm.

They provide a means for security personnel to defend themselves and maintain order.

Footwear and Clothing


Durable and sturdy footwear is essential for mobility and protection, especially for guards on foot patrol.

They ensure that the personnel can move comfortably and safely in various terrains.

Combat Wear

This tactical clothing is designed for durability and practicality in various environments, ensuring that security personnel are properly dressed for any situation.

Communication and Surveillance

Radios & Mobile Phones

Communication devices such as radios and mobile phones facilitate coordination with team members and command centers, ensuring that security personnel can quickly communicate and respond to emergencies.

CCTV Cameras

Video surveillance equipment like CCTV cameras help deter criminal activities and monitor for any disturbances, providing a continuous overview of the security area.

Body-Worn Surveillance & Head Mounted Cameras

These personal recording devices capture real-time events for evidence and review, offering a first-person perspective for documenting incidents and ensuring accountability.

Security Guard Accessories

Detection and Safety Security Tools

Metal Detectors

Devices for weapon detection are essential at entry points to prevent the entry of armed individuals, ensuring the safety of the premises.

Screeners and Breathalysers

Tools for detecting substances and alcohol are important at checkpoints to ensure safety and order, helping to prevent intoxicated or dangerous individuals from causing harm.

Fire Extinguishers

These are essential safety equipment for fire emergencies, providing an immediate response capability to control and extinguish fires before they spread.

Additional Accessories

General Purpose Tools

Items such as flashlights, under vehicle mirrors, alarm control keypads, and panels, as well as miscellaneous tools like pepper spray, handcuffs, and whistles, play critical roles in the day-to-day operations of security personnel.

They ensure that the personnel are equipped to handle a wide range of scenarios, from inspecting vehicles for contraband to managing security alarms and providing immediate first aid.

Each of these accessories plays a vital role in the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of security personnel.

By understanding the purpose and importance of each item, security teams can be better prepared to face the challenges of their demanding roles

Remember, the type of accessories used will often depend on the nature of the assignment, the security company’s policies, and the specific environment in which the guard operates.