Security Guard Salaries in South Africa: 2023 – 2027

Security guard salaries are among the first information potential security guards want to find out when they consider security guard careers.

In the lates update from the Department of Employment and Labour (download), new minimum wages for security guards and administrative staff in the private security sector in South Africa have been published.

The complexity of the security industry in South Africa means that pay scales can vary significantly.

Security guard salaries in South Africa

This variance is influenced by factors such as the employing company, geographical location, level of experience, and the specific duties required of the guard.

Some companies may offer more competitive wages based on the types of clients they have or the level of risk associated with their contracts.

For instance, G4S, a major employer in the industry, reports average monthly earnings of R 12,358 for their security personnel. This is a higher salary than the average for security guards in South Africa and is probably because G4S is subject to rules imposed by its parent company in London.

One can expect that the salary will be lower if you work as a security guard for a small security company in a rural area.

Further affecting security guard income is the structure of their compensation, which can include base hourly wages alongside bonuses and other benefits

These changes are effective from 2 March 2023 and will continue until 28 February 2027.

This information is crucial for those working in the private security sector, including roles associated with guarding or protecting property, goods, and individuals, as well as those in non-standard service arrangements such as car guards and in-house security contractors.

Understanding the Security Guard Salary Structure

The private security sector’s salary structure is categorized into two main area groups, distinguishing between different geographic locations in South Africa.

Here is a breakdown:

Area Classifications:

  • Areas 1 & 2: Include major cities and towns such as Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and others.
  • Area 3: Covers all other areas not listed in Areas 1 & 2.

The wages for security personnel are differentiated based on these area groups and job roles, and they can be calculated either monthly or hourly.

Minimum Wages for 2023-2024

Here is a detailed table representing the minimum wages for various positions within the private security sector for the period from 2 March 2023 to 28 February 2024:

Job TitleArea A MonthlyArea A HourlyArea B MonthlyArea B Hourly
Clerical AssistantR5,197R26.65R5,197R26.65
Communication Centre Operator AR6,907R33.21R5,915R28.44
Communication Centre Operator BR6,330R30.43R5,499R26.44
Communication Centre Operator CDER5,726R27.53R5,499R26.44
Light Motor Vehicle DriverR5,197R26.65R5,197R26.65
Medium Motor Vehicle DriverR5,516R28.29R5,197R26.65
Heavy Motor Vehicle DriverR5,729R29.38R5,197R26.65
General WorkerR5,197R26.65R5,197R26.65
Security Officer Grade AR6,907R33.21R5,915R28.44
Security Officer Grade BR6,330R30.43R5,499R26.44
Security Officer Grade C, D and ER5,726R27.53R5,499R26.44
Employees not elsewhere specifiedR5,197R26.65R5,197R26.65

Future Wage Increases

The bargaining council agreements have also established incremental wage increases leading up to February 2027.

Notably, the minimum monthly wage for a top-graded security officer will rise from R6,907 in 2023/24 to R8,184 by 2026/27. Casual employees are compensated with an equivalent hourly wage based on the monthly salary.

Night Shift Allowances

Security personnel working night shifts, between 18h00 and 06h00, are entitled to additional allowances.

In the 2023/24 period, this allowance is set at R6.00 per shift, which will increase to R8.00 per shift by the 2026/27 period.

Security guard salaries in South Africa

Other Factors Influencing Security Guard Salaries

Risk Level

The level of risk associated with a security guard’s role can have a direct impact on their salary.

Guards posted in high-risk areas such as crime-prone neighborhoods, embassies, or banks, often receive hazard pay in addition to their regular wages.


In some instances, security guards who possess additional qualifications, such as degrees in law enforcement or criminal justice, can expect to earn higher wages.

Special Skills

Skills like proficiency in using advanced security equipment, combat training, and knowledge of multiple languages, can be advantageous in certain security roles and may command higher pay.

Union Affiliation

Security guards who are affiliated with a union may have access to collective bargaining agreements, which often stipulate wage scales, overtime pay, and other benefits.

Benefits and Perks

Besides their regular wages, security guards might also receive additional benefits.

These can include health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

Certain companies may provide uniforms and equipment free of charge, and others may even offer tuition assistance for guards who want to further their education in related fields.

If you are considering a career as a security guard in South Africa, it is important to research the salaries offered by different employers in your area.

You should also consider the factors listed above when choosing a job.

Security Guard Salaries: Predictions

Predictions for the future of security guard salaries suggest that with economic growth and rising security needs, there could be a positive salary trajectory for security personnel.

The exact figures may vary, but the trend indicates a steady climb, reflecting both the increased demands of the job and the economic factors at play.

However, these predictions are subject to variable economic conditions and workforce supply and demand.

All this will however only become a reality for security guards if the owners of security companies can afford to pay security guard salaries that keep employees happy and security company owners in business.