How to start a security guard company in South Africa

how to start a security guard company in south africa

If you want to start your own security company, there are a number of requirements you need to satisfy before you can start your security guard business.

The most important requirement is that you need to be registered at PSIRA as a B Security graded person to be able to be an owner or director of a security company in South Africa. (Download button at the bottom of this page.)

To be B Graded, you need to pass the requirements of grades C – E.

See the grading requirements here

What you need to register a security company in South Africa:

  • Decide which security services your security company will provide.
  • Register a company at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).
  • Register for all taxes at SARS (SARS Tax Clearance Certificate, VAT Registration Number, PAYE Number).
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) registration.
  • One-year business plan.
  • Declaration that your business will be able to operate for the next year.
  • Office location that is permanent (fixed and immovable)
  • B-BBEE Affidavit for companies with a turnover of less than R10 million. Download an example.
  • B-BBEE Certificate for companies with a turnover of more than R10 million. Download the steps you must follow.
  • A Letter of Good Standing issued by SARS which confirms that you are registered where you need to be registered.
    How to do it.

Non-compulsory voluntary associations

Membership of these organisations are not compulsory, but membership has many benefits and lends credibility to your business.

  • SASA – Security Association of South Africa
  • SASSETA – Safety & Security Sector Education & Training Authority
  • SANSEA – South African National Security Employers Association
  • SAIDSA – South African Intruder Detection Services Association (specifically for alarm monitoring and armed response services)
  • ESDA – Electronic Security Distributors Association (This specifically for electronic security equipment)